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Theft Prevention for Car Dealerships

Posted by Norm Charney on Feb 19, 2015

Theft prevention is a large concern for all businesses. It’s especially vital for car dealerships due to large and expensive auto and truck inventories. Also there are tires, catalytic converters, license plates, registration papers, and other valuable items that thieves can steal from these businesses. The FBI estimates that nearly 41 percent of automobiles that are stolen directly from car dealerships are never recovered. Theft prevention should be a major concern for dealers everywhere. Let’s see how car dealerships can heighten their security measures.

Establish a Perimeter Defense

A fence is a good place to start when securing your perimeter. Once you have one, you can add on cameras around the perimeter so that live operators can see activity before it breaches your fences. A perimeter defense requires regular maintenance and supervision. Ensure that your fence is still whole and tight all the way around. Your perimeter defense is only as strong as your weakest link.

Beef up Interior Security

Key traffic points and asset locations should be secured. Video cameras can watch entrances, fences, parking lots, showrooms, and buildings with valuable property.

Optimize Your Grounds

Common sense measures can go a long way in preventing theft

-Don’t have cars in hard to see places like behind shrubs or landscaping. If you can’t see it, it is easier for a thief to steal.

-Don’t put posters all over your windows. Clear windows allow employees to see outside and law enforcement to see inside.

-Regularly test all your cameras and security equipment. You never know when one may go faulty, or has been tampered with.

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