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Thief Browses North Carolina Multifamily Community Parking Lot for Open Vehicles

Posted by Stephanie Caudill on Mar 16, 2023

Vehicle thefts and break-ins are an ongoing criminal issue- and parking facilities at multifamily residential communities can present an easy target. There has been a rise in vehicle thefts that has persisted since the pandemic, and now with social media trends like “The Kia Challenge” made popular on the TikTok app, those numbers are unlikely to go down.  

Protecting the facilities and outdoor assets at multifamily properties is vital to maintaining occupancy and community reputation. See how Stealth caught sight of a potential thief roaming a Charlotte apartment community below. 

At nearly 1:30 in the morning, alert Stealth security operators observing the surveillance feeds of a Charlotte, North Carolina apartment community spotted a suspicious individual attempting to open multiple vehicle doors. Audible warnings were sounded by the security operators, and local police dispatch was contacted as well due to the nature of the activity being observed. Officers arrived on scene within minutes, and located the individual, apprehending them and taking them into police custody. 

Help Protect Your Community from Theft and Other Criminal Activity with Proactive Security 

According to a recent report from WCNC NBC Charlotte, police reports revealed a recent rash of stolen vehicles, including six from one apartment community. Multifamily residential community owners and managers know that their residents, as well as residents’ guests, are owed a duty of care that includes reasonable measures to protect tenants from harm caused by third parties. One way to limit liability and help meet these obligations is by using proactive security measures. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution. Rather than relying on a courtesy patrol who can only be in one place at a time, or an alarm system that waits for a breach or break-in to generate a call, live video monitoring uses a combination of video analytics, strategically placed cameras, and trained security professionals to monitor areas throughout your community in real-time.  

When our highly trained security operators see anything unusual or out of place, they can respond quickly, deterring and dispersing criminal or other unwanted activity or contacting local law enforcement when needed. Just as in the case above, because our operators can provide dispatch with real-time descriptions and locations of suspects, officers typically arrive on scene to intervene before major damages occur. 

Learn more about our proactive, cost-effective solution and how it can help protect your bottom line when you contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.