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Thieves at Pharmacy Try to Outrun Fort Worth Police

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 1, 2022

Pharmacies are frequent targets of theft for multiple reasons. Prescription medications are notoriously expensive, which means there’s thought to be a significant amount of cash on hand in a pharmacy. Even more appealing to thieves though, is the wealth of prescription medications themselves, particularly opioids and other often-abused medications.  

Watch what happened when these thieves attempted to break into the back of a retail center pharmacy in Fort Worth, Texas. 

At roughly 11:30 p.m., Stealth security operators observed a car pulling up and parking behind a pharmacy in a Fort Worth, Texas shopping center. One individual exited the vehicle, headed straight for the pharmacy’s back entrance door, and pulled.  

The Stealth security professional monitoring the situation immediately activated on-site alarms while also contacting local law enforcement due to the nature of the activity. The suspect appeared to clear the area but returned minutes later with crowbars and additional suspects to try again to break into the pharmacy. 

Police arrived on scene quickly, and the suspects made a run for it, but were ultimately taken into custody and arrested. 

Help Protect Your Retail Tenants from Theft and Other Criminal Activity 

When businesses choose a location to set up shop, they’re looking for spaces where they can safely thrive and interact with their clientele. They’re more likely to choose shopping centers and other commercial retail properties where they can rely on the safety and security of the building and surrounding area.  

When businesses and their customers don’t feel safe, they are likely to set up shop elsewhere. Keep your property and the businesses within feeling safer with a proactive security solution. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring combines the technology of cutting-edge analytics-based cameras, that alert at activity rather than simple movement, with the human intelligence of trained security professionals who monitor surveillance feeds in real time. The result? When our sharp-eyed security operators spot anything suspicious or unusual, they can follow site protocols- sounding audible alarms, contacting local police, and so on.  

When our operators contact police dispatch, they typically get an immediate elevation in call priority thanks to the details they can provide with real-time live video data. Just as in the video above, police often arrive on scene in time to catch criminals in the act, arresting them while they’re still on site or in the immediate area. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to help deter and diffuse criminal activity at your shopping center or other retail property, contact us today for details on how you can save from 25-60% on security costs while boosting overall effectiveness.