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This Is What You Need to Do to Reduce Metal Theft

Posted by Hugh Wong on May 3, 2019

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states the U.S. processes 56 million tons of iron and steel and 1.5 million tons of copper every year. Not only does scrap metal recycling protect the environment, it is also more cost-effective than mining raw materials. This turns scrap metals into a hot commodity.

Unfortunately, this also makes them popular with thieves. Copper prices hover around $3 per pound, compelling thieves to steal it wherever they find it. The Department of Energy reports the amount of copper stolen exceeds $1 billion every year.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that businesses submitted more than 28,000 claims of copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum theft between 2014 and 2016. The good news is that you have two options for preventing scrap metal theft.

Use a Scrap Metal Theft Tool

The Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries (ISRI) has launched ScrapTheftAlert.com,, a free website for the U.S. and Canada. Its users consist primarily of law enforcement, recyclers, and corporate security.

When scrap metal theft occurs, a user can post the information on the website. Any user within 100 miles of the incident receives an email alert with a description of the theft and contact information. Registered users can opt-in to receive alerts from up to five states.

The site contains success stories of scrap metal recovery. According to the website, its service has helped recover $2.9 million worth of scrap metal across the U.S. You can break out the data by state and province to see the data for your area.

Implement Live Video Monitoring

Thieves steal pipes, A/C, and wire from scrap metal yards, construction sites, unoccupied buildings, city infrastructure like traffic lights, and farmland with irrigation pipes and fixtures. Remote video surveillance has proven to be effective in helping to prevent and deter theft.

The advantage of video monitoring is that it can see your entire property at once. Something security guards and other security measures can’t do.

When you work with a service like Stealth Monitoring, you receive a customized security design to fit the needs of your business. We install, monitor, and service client sites all over the U.S. and Canada to help protect their precious metals. The video at the top of this page exemplifies one of success stories.

To learn more about proactive live video monitoring that can deter thieves, contact us.