Time-Lapse Video for Construction Projects

Posted by Steve Mansell on August 23, 2018

Time-lapse video of construction projects provides more benefits to a business than just engaging visual appeal. The footage also has practical applications, including marketing and project management.

What exactly is time-lapse video? In simple terms, it is a series of regularly taken images that are strung together to create a fast-paced video of activity on a site. So, a project that may have taken six months to complete can be viewed in a few seconds.

Cameras are mounted from vantage points that give the best aerial shots of a project. Snapshots are taken every 10 minutes or so and saved to our server. Then, they are edited into a custom-branded video you can use to enhance your business. Video can be created at any time, so you can view every detail of your project at every step in the process. This can be extremely useful to decision makers who many need to alter plans based on actual site activity.

In addition to monitoring progress, time lapse cameras are an excellent marketing tool. The video can be shared with interested parties and potential clients to showcase your projects and quality of work.

Time-lapse video is an added service to our live video surveillance solution. Remote video monitoring can help increase security and reduce liability issues at construction sites. Live video operators watch your property in real time to deter criminal activity and call police if they see suspicious behavior.

You can find an example of our time-lapse video capabilities below.

Time Lapse in Action

Time-lapse video has operational and marketing benefits for construction companies in the United States and Canada. If you would like additional information live video monitoring and time-lapse capabilities, view our contact us.

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