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Top Apartment Amenities for 2019

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Dec 10, 2018

Today’s renters are demanding more from their apartment
, making the need for property management companies to continue to
innovate. So, what are the hottest trends for 2019? Services, especially ones
that cater to convenience and social interaction.

Washers and Dryers in the Units
residents are willing to pay more for having a washing machine and dryer inside
their apartment, rather than deal with the hassle that can come from a communal
laundry area.

Nomadic millennials
are becoming a larger part of the renter market. This generation tends to build
lifestyles around location independence and hassle-free living so many are
leaning towards fully-furnished apartments. For them it means eliminating the
expense and inconvenience of buying and moving furniture. For you it translates
into more ROI.

Communal Work Spaces

With more
people telecommuting for work, dedicated working spaces with Wi-Fi and desks
are cropping up at more multifamily residential properties. Conference rooms
and mini cafes where residents can collaborate are also becoming very popular.

Health and Wellness

fitness centers have been a must-have for residents for a while, the type of
services they provide is changing. Exercise classes, climbing walls and even
health and wellness programs are familiar offerings.

Urban Gardens
In populated
cities, urban gardens are cropping up, mainly on rooftops and in small plots of
land. These are giving residents a way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables.


and new technology are in high demand. Many communities are catching on and
offering smart package lockers, connected thermostats, high-tech lighting
systems and keyless entries.

Concierge Services

reserved for luxury apartment communities, concierge services are becoming a
perk you can find in any building. However, on average, on-site concierges are
idle over 50% of the time. Stealth’s Remote Concierge (RC) provides a
comprehensive suite of digital services that are available 100% of the time,
whenever residents need them.

one-way video and two-way audio, as well as a proprietary software, RC
instantly services residents through phones or intercoms to book amenities,
provide directions, distribute packages and answer common questions.
Additionally, RC helps manage building access to visitors, contractors and
emergency personnel.

RC is just
one of the many services provided by Stealth Monitoring. If you would like more
information about RC, or any of our multifamily residential security solutions,
please contact us here.