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Townhouse Trespasser Taken Into Custody

Posted by Paul Gross on May 21, 2019

An unsecured construction site can be an invitation for trespassers, vandals and thieves.

Around 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, our trained monitoring operator spotted an individual trying to gain access to a townhouse unit under construction in Washington state. Not having any luck with the door, the suspect retrieved a ladder, climbed to the second story balcony and tried to open the glass door. He then moved over a second-story window and attempted to open that. The security operator activated the on-site speaker warning which the suspect ignored. So, the operator contacted the police.

Back on ground level, the trespasser tried to open the garage door. Again, no luck. Local police officers arrived at the Washington construction site and quickly intercepted the suspect.

Construction sites are dangerous enough for the workers who are supposed to be there. When unauthorized visitors enter, the risk factors escalate since they can be unaware of any potential dangers. Not to mention equipment and material theft can be a major source of loss for contractors.

Construction sites can be hazardous environments. Without a reliable security solution installed at the beginning of a project, an organization’s critical resources and assets are more likely to be vulnerable.

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