Transients Trespassing and Loitering on Property in Phoenix

Posted by Jamie Lynch on August 26, 2021

Multifamily communities are not immune to challenges. Some of these include trespassing, loitering and unauthorized access. All three could be deterred with live video monitoring by keeping professionally trained eyes on your property to see an event in real time and then taking immediate action(s) to mitigate any questionable or unwanted events.

During daylight hours, a transient trespasser was discovered loitering on an apartment community’s property in Phoenix, Arizona by one of our trained monitoring operators. The trespasser walked along the community’s perimeter fencing and identified a spot to loiter along the fence line hidden by trees. Our operator contacted local police.

The trespasser-turned-loiterer retrieved a bicycle and a bag. The loiterer dropped the bike at the entrance of the loitering spot and brought the bag into the trees.

Two officers arrived on scene and approached the trees where the loiterer was lingering. A third officer followed. They stayed within the trees for a moment then left the scene together.

Live Video Monitoring Works Well with Other Deployed Solutions

This urban, desert multifamily community is a controlled access community with perimeter gated access control. Controlled access regulates who gains entry into certain buildings and facilities while perimeter gated access control helps manage outside ingress and egress of vehicles and people. In addition to these types of security, this community partners with Stealth for live video monitoring. This all works together to help protect residents, visitors and staff with at least three layers of security.

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a cost-effective solution that can save up to 60% in security-related costs to help maintain a safe, secure community for your residents and staff. It works well with other solutions, such as access control solutions and perimeter fencing, as these provide barriers while our live video monitoring provides a way to see an event taking place around these barriers.

Our proactive monitoring is facilitated with trained monitoring operators to help catch events in progress. Our qualified operators know and understand what behaviors and actions to watch for that could indicate trespassing and loitering. As soon as a certain behavior or action is seen, our operators can take action to help deter the event. Actions include activating an on-site audible warning, and/or contacting police and property management. Protocols are established ahead based on your community’s needs, so operators know the exact actions to take.

Contact us to discover how to save up to 60% in security-related costs with advanced technology and human intelligence working together.

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