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Trespasser Breaking and Entering Hindered with Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Rick Charney on Jul 21, 2021

Shopping centers present exclusive security and safety-related challenges. Each center needs to be assessed in terms of past property damage, demographics, foot traffic, location and more.

Once that knowledge is gained, consideration should be given to coverage areas. This includes the exact placement of surveillance cameras that can result in desired results such as deterring trespassers, possible theft and loitering, and help with minimizing liabilities.

During the night at an urban-located shopping center, an individual was observed by a trained Stealth Monitoring operator strolling across the empty parking lot. The individual tried to access various locked doors on the property. The operator used the on-site speaker to send a warning to the trespasser that he was being watched, but it was not effective.

After a couple of attempts, the trespasser forced his way inside a storefront. The operator contacted the police department. Two police cruisers arrived on site. Two officers located the trespasser inside the store. Police appeared to speak with the trespasser from outside the store until the individual finally came out. Police handcuffed the trespasser, led him to a police car, placed him inside and drove away.

Possible Theft Inhibited with Surveillance Cameras and Human Intelligence

Every shopping center is designed and structured differently which helps attract tenants, customers and clients. However, it also presents the possibility of unique ways to commit crimes on such property.

Most have parking for tenants and potential customers and clients be it a parking lot, parking garage or parking spaces close to the facility. Then, of course, there are entry ways, typically doors leading into each business that chose to rent a space in the shopping center. Sometimes there are windows as well which can lead to unauthorized access by force.

In the above video, the trespasser and potential thief used a lit parking lot to gain access to the storefront of a shopping center. All the while, Stealth operators were watching live, in real time and safely from a remote location. After activating the audible warning to deter the trespasser, the next level of intervention took place based on human decision-making and pre-determined protocols. Local police were called and able to apprehend the trespasser, thereby deterring possible theft, vandalism or destruction.

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