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Trespasser Caught at Wholesale Boat Distributor

Posted by Eric Nauta on Nov 4, 2020

A Stealth trained security operator spotted someone crawling under the fence to gain entry into a Houston wholesale boat dealer around 4:30 a.m. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning and contacted police. Officers arrived and began searching the property. Our operator, who was still watching, saw the suspect trying to hide from police and alerted dispatch as to her whereabouts. The officers located the trespasser and placed her under arrest.

Theft of Boat Electronics is a Common Occurrence

Thieves target marine electronics because of their ease of access and value. Sound equipment, sonar devices and navigation systems can quickly and easily be removed with a simple screwdriver or bolt cutter. According to Sport Fishing Magazine, multifunction displays (MFDs) are the most common targets for theft.

A recent article in Marina Dock Age reports another Texas-based retailer, not the one in the video, had more than half a million dollars of outboards stolen over the course of a year. Thieves cut through the fences at his four locations and took new motors, as well as engines from boats that were there for repair and storage.

Live Video Monitoring to Help Reduce and Deter Crime

Boat dealerships, like any other retailer, need to be vigilant with their security measures. As you saw in the video, a perimeter fence often only slows down a would-be thief. Determined criminals will find a way in.

A proactive security solution, like live video monitoring, can help deter criminals before they inflict damage. Using analytics-based cameras, trained security operators watch for suspicious activity in real time. If they detect something, they can quickly assess the situation and take action. That means activating an on-site speaker warning and contacting police.

The operators can give live updates to officers with information including the number of suspects, their location, and description. When police receive a call from us, they know we are watching a crime in progress. This typically raises the priority level to escalate their response time and increase the chances of an arrest while the suspects are still on the property.

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