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Trespasser’s Erratic Behavior Leads to Arrest in California

Posted by Rick Charney on Jun 15, 2023

Commercial real estate owners and office building property managers know that among other factors, security is a major concern for businesses when choosing a location. Buildings can offer a variety of amenities to tenants to entice them, but along with comfort and ease of access, security consistently makes the list of deciding factors.

In this Arrest of the Month video, an individual was seen trespassing and behaving strangely at a California business center. See what happened next.

At approximately 9:36 p.m., Stealth security professionals observed an individual accessing a California office building’s property, wandering the parking lot, and approaching an electrical box before walking away and gesticulating in an unusual way. Stealth operators immediately activated onsite audible alarms, reached out to the onsite security, and contacted local law enforcement. Officers arrived quickly and intervened as the suspect attempted to run in the direction of the train tracks. The trespasser was caught and taken into custody.

Protect Your Tenants and Building Reputation with a Proactive Security Solution

The traditional security system set up is reactive rather than proactive. Alarms may not activate until a door or window is smashed, or a property has been breached or broken into. Cameras not equipped with live monitoring may record activity, but with no one watching, footage is only useful to try and determine what happened and what a suspect may look like after the damage is done.

Live video monitoring, however, is a proactive security solution. Using a combination of analytics-based cameras that watch your property for activity rather than movement alone, and the human intelligence of trained security professionals monitoring those surveillance feeds, Stealth’s solution watches for and evaluates suspicious activity in real time.

Stealth uses customized video surveillance that watches key areas throughout your property, with trained security operators observing that can activate onsite audible alarms, or contact local law enforcement when their intervention is advisable. Along with our established relationships with local police departments across North America, Stealth’s live video monitoring can help deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity as it happens.

Learn more about how proactive security can help save you between 25-60% on security costs while providing cutting edge, premium-level security and get a free quote. Contact us today for details and to speak with a commercial and office security specialist to address your specific security needs.

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