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Trespassing and Theft at Transportation and Logistics Facilities

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Oct 27, 2021

Integrity of assets housed at transportation and logistics facilities, such as cargo trucks or scrap metal, must be maintained. This helps keep the supply chain healthy and ensure the delivery of quality products.

Trespassing, theft and other unwanted behaviors and crimes can lead to costly damages including loss of property and other assets. One of Stealth Monitoring’s specialties is helping to protect outdoor assets, inventories and fleets for transportation and logistics companies using remote video monitoring.

Suspect Tampering with Parked Car Outside Distribution Center

A highly qualified Stealth security operator saw an individual approach a car parked on a distribution center parking lot during the night. The individual opened the driver’s side door, entered the car and closed the door. Our operator contacted police.

The individual flashed the headlights of the car as a police cruiser arrived on site. Two officers exited the cruiser, approached the parked car and arrested the suspect.

Three Individuals at Logistics Facility Searching Through Scrap Metal Bins

Three individuals wearing dark hoodies were seen by one of our monitoring operators wandering around a logistics facility late one night. They were looking into scrap metal bins throughout the facility. Our operator made a call to the police.

Our highly trained operator continued to watch the whereabouts and actions of the suspects. They placed items into a blue bin of some sorts. When police arrived, the suspects left the bin and ran to hide. Our operator told them exactly where the suspects had fled. Police located and arrested all three.

Suspect Tried to Enter Truck Parked at Warehouse

A proactive Stealth security operator saw a pickup truck with a trailer connected pull up in front of a commercial truck parked in the loading dock area of a warehouse. The driver of the pickup exited. Our operator activated the on-site verbal warning.

The suspect(s) remained on the property, so our operator contacted police. Three police cruisers arrived on site. One suspect tried to run but was stopped by police. A tow truck also arrived on-scene to take the suspect’s pickup truck and trailer.

Later, our operator learned that a helicopter was used to find the remaining suspects.

Individuals Started a Fire at a Loading Dock

One of our highly skilled security monitoring operators saw a white cargo truck arrive at a warehouse. The driver backed it into a space at a loading dock. An individual exited the truck and walked between two other vehicles parked in at the loading dock.

Our operator continued to watch the individual and soon saw an orange glow emerge from between the parked vehicles. The individual walked out from between them holding what appeared to be some sort of fire starter still aflame. Our operator contacted local authorities.

The suspect threw the flame to the ground, extinguishing it. He got back into the cargo truck and drove away as flames engulfed the parked vehicles.

Firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire.

Truck Tampering, Trespassing, Potential Scrap Metal Theft and Fire Deterred by Stealth’s Remote Video Monitoring Solution

Stealth Monitoring’s customized remote video surveillance solutions offer peace of mind to owners, managers and employees of transportation and logistics facilities. As seen in the above video, it is vitally important that these types of facilities are continuously watched. Stealth fulfills its commitment to real time monitoring to help catch events as they happen.

Using a combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence, each of the situations above ended in the successful deterrence of trespassing, theft and fire. Our advanced analytics come pre-programmed on high-definition, IP video cameras. When deployed on your site, the technology filters video streams to detect certain activities. This is without human intervention.

As soon as the technology identifies an activity that needs the help of humans to analyze and determine next steps to help thwart and deter the activity, our highly trained security operators are notified on-screen at their remote location. Our operators take over and execute pre-determined protocols, such as the exact number of times you would like to activate on-site speaker warnings and when and if you would like police or other authorities contacted.

In the above situations, had Stealth’s solutions not been deployed, it’s highly likely that cargo trucks would have had parts, such as catalytic converters, stolen; scrap metal would have been stolen; and fire potentially destroy an entire facility.

Contact our transportation industry security specialists today to help you design, supply and install the best possible solution – typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security solutions.