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Trespassing Call Leads to Paramedic Intervention at Texas Shopping Plaza

Posted by Eric Nauta on Dec 4, 2023

After-hours theft and trespassing present an ever-present challenge for shopping centers seeking to protect their property and maintain a safe environment. Though often viewed as petty crimes, these acts pose serious risks that demand thoughtful solutions. 

Savvy burglars frequently target stores at night when fewer eyes are present to observe their activities. They are motivated by economic gain and tend to target stores based on the ease of access to valuable items that are desirable and easy to dispose of, according to the CRAVED model (Concealable, Removable, Available, Valuable, Enjoyable, Disposable). 

Such professional thieves are often steps ahead of standard security measures. 

However, theft is only part of the equation. Persistent trespassers, even those without blatantly criminal intent, can undermine a retail center’s obligation to provide security. Individuals who have previously exhibited violent or disruptive behavior often return to banned premises, posing both a direct safety risk and opening the door for costly lawsuits if mishandled.  

Navigating these issues requires nuance. While enforcing trespass warnings is crucial, overzealous measures can backfire legally if applied too bluntly. An effective strategy combines smart deterrents like lighting, alarms, and surveillance with discretion on engaging troublemakers. The goal is to firmly discourage crime without unneeded confrontation. 

Addressing after-hours trespassing requires a balance between enforcing trespass warnings and avoiding overly aggressive security measures that could result in legal repercussions. Not all trespassers should be arrested; sometimes, repeated warnings are more effective and less legally fraught. 

To mitigate these risks, retail centers can implement several strategies to deter after-hours trespassing and burglary, but one of the most effective? Live video monitoring 

In the early morning hours, Stealth security professionals were alerted as an unidentified individual gained access to the property of a Texas shopping center. Security footage captured the perpetrator entering through a side door at approximately 2:02 AM, leading observing operators to immediately activate audible alarms. Police were also contacted and swiftly dispatched to the scene, but the trespasser had already fled the area. 

Officers searched nearby without initial success in locating the suspect. However, their investigation was not in vain – they discovered another individual in need of medical assistance. Responding with care, police called for paramedics who provided aid. A follow up call with the dispatchers determined the initial trespasser was located and in custody. 

Help Safeguard Your Premises with Advanced, Proactive Security Measure 

For retail properties, the threat of crime never sleeps. Break-ins, burglary, and theft can deal a crushing blow to any business. That’s why advanced security solutions are a must – not just an option – for protecting your livelihood.  

Our approach at Stealth leverages state-of-the-art technology paired with human expertise to provide proactive monitoring and rapid response. Live video feeds combined with intelligent analytics empower our team to identify- and allow them to act- against threats in real time. The moment an incident occurs, our highly trained monitoring operators can activate alarms on-site while swiftly notifying law enforcement to minimize damage and disruption.  

Dynamic coordination with dispatch units ensures your reported crimes receive urgent priority, resulting in faster response times from police. We help expedite outcomes rather than leave you waiting in limbo. 

Securing your premises is too important to leave to chance. Our customized security solutions are designed to fit your budget while upholding your reputation and prosperity.  

To explore options tailored to your retail property, contact our specialist team for a complimentary consultation. We’ll assess your needs and can walk through measures to harden your defenses.  

Don’t let crime cast a shadow over your business. With Stealth’s proactive solutions you can help deter and disperse unwanted activity before significant damage occurs. Contact us today for details. 


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