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Two Suspects Arrested After Cruising Georgia Apartment Community Parking Lot for Valuables

Posted by Matthew Clark on Nov 15, 2022

It’s a common concern for any property that has overnight parking- prowlers and thieves testing for unlocked vehicles. Multifamily residential communities are frequently targeted for this type of theft. After all, at nighttime, while residents are sleeping, who could be watching? 

At 4:19 in the early morning, two individuals were observed by a Stealth security professional accessing several vehicles in the parking lot of a Georgia apartment community. Given the serious nature of the activity being witnessed, the security operator immediately contacted local law enforcement.  

Officers arrived a short time later, and after a few minutes of patrolling the area were able to take both parking lot prowling suspects into police custody. 

Help Diffuse and Deter Criminal Activity at Your Community with Live Video Monitoring 

If residents in your community experience car theft, car break-ins, or vandalism of their vehicles while parked in community-provided parking facilities, they’ll likely blame the property management for their negative experience.  

Unfortunately, even a single incidence can be enough to drive a resident not to renew their lease, complain on a public forum, or advise others not to become tenants. A proactive security solution can help deter and diffuse incidents of unwanted activity before the damage is done. Live video monitoring is a proactive security solution. Using a combination of analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals monitoring surveillance in real-time, response times can be much faster than typical security methods. 

Just as in the case above, when a Stealth security professional sees suspicious activity occurring around your property, they can respond quickly by contacting police dispatch and providing them with real-time information about activity in progress.  

As a result, officers typically arrive on site without delay and are able to make an arrest before the situation escalates.  

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