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Should I Update My Security Surveillance System?

Posted by David Charney on Dec 8, 2017

Did you know that your security surveillance system has a shelf life? Business owners, property managers, and decision makers do not always factor in this variable. Equipment often goes untouched once it has been purchased and installed. This could potentially impact operating expenses, asset protection, and the safety of employees and visitors.

Upgrading Technology

Security surveillance system capabilities have evolved over time. Many indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras can now adapt to lighting conditions automatically. They can provide sharper images to capture facial features and license plate numbers. This is a critical factor in deterring crime and gathering evidence.

Older IP security cameras and outdated analog surveillance cameras may not be able to perform these same functions. Changes in technology are important because criminals are getting smarter and altering their tactics. A security surveillance system must be able to quickly adapt and stay two steps ahead to combat criminal activity.

Audio capabilities have also changed. Newer technologies allow security surveillance operators to be more proactive during crimes in progress. They can help deter criminal activity in real-time.

Besides the security system hardware, software has also evolved. Trained operators can use video analytics to better identify disturbances and threats, while simultaneously managing a large number of video cameras and security video feeds. The analytics are used to analyze videos and alert surveillance monitors of certain activity like motion and human presence. All of these advancements can help protect shopping plazas, residential properties, construction sites and other commercial properties.

Decreased Reliability

Older security surveillance systems may become obsolete as technology advances. As a result, their reliability may decrease while criminal activity, failure rates, and spending go up.

Broken parts in an older security surveillance system are not easy to replace. Parts for older and outdated security technology are often expensive and hard to find. This does not include the service fees or downtime associated with the repairs.

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