Urban Center Security Cameras Failed to Catch Armed Suspects

Posted by Rick Charney by Chris O' Rourke on November 27, 2017

Urban center security is important for shoppers, residents, and business owners. These neighborhoods, also known as mixed-use communities, combine multifamily apartments, restaurants, businesses, and other commercial properties in one area. Urban centers can be found in large cities across the United States, gaining popularity in up-and-coming areas.

A majority of millennials are opting to live in urban areas. In a recent survey, 62% said they would prefer to live in a mixed-use community because everything they need is nearby. Forty percent said they would consider living in an urban are5a in the future. Millennials aren’t the only age group moving to mixed-use communities. Many empty nesters and retirees are downsizing for the amenities and sense of community these developments offer. For the first time since the 1920s, growth within U.S. cities exceeds growth outside of them.

Because mixed-use communities house a variety of office spaces, stores, and other commercial properties, it is important for property managers to increase urban center security for businesses and residential areas.

Inadequate Urban Center Security in Houston, Texas

Adequate urban center security was lacking at one Houston, Texas mixed-use community. The safety of employees and customers was put in jeopardy during an armed robbery at a local bank.

An urban center security camera video showed two men walk into the bank on a Saturday morning. Both suspects wore disguises and carried dark semi-automatic hand guns. The security camera showed one suspect jump over the counter and steal money. The second suspect pointed his gun at the employees and customers.

The two burglars left the urban center bank. A third suspect waited for them in a gray Chevrolet Impala. Live video monitoring was not reported at this bank.

Crime stoppers was offering a reward of up to $5,000 for additional information. None of the customers or employees were injured during the live robbery. The suspects have not been caught.

This bank and mixed-use neighborhood are not clients of Stealth Monitoring.

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