Video — High Resolution Video — Surveillance Video in the New Network

Posted by Amy Hite on August 14, 2015

David Charney, President of Stealth Monitoring, was a featured speaker in the Time Warner Cable conference The New Network: Fueling the Transformation of Business Models, Processes and Applications #newnettransform.

Video: David Charney - High Resolution Video

Video - High Resolution Video - Surveillance Video in the New Network

The panel of experts with host Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst for ACG Research, explained:

◾Why you should reconsider network planning assumptions to support shifting user demands

◾How managed services can deliver enterprise-class solutions for your midsize business

◾The steps a live video surveillance company took to transform its business and leapfrog competitors

◾How cloud applications can enable an anytime, anywhere business model

Mr. Kennedy asked David Charney "High resolution video takes up a huge amount of space and bandwidth. How does that affect the video service provider who’s got to receive process and manage it? Are client locations typically set up to send that volume of data back to the provider?"

Mr. Charney’s edited response is below.

Video does take a ton of space and bandwidth. Just to give you some metrics, given 1.3 megapixel IP camera can produce up 10 Mbps worth of video content. When our average client installs anywhere from 30 to hundreds of cameras, they can’t even order an internet connection at that point that can stream all in real time at full quality.

We use a lot of video analytic engines that help us detect what kind of motions should we be sending back to be watched and that makes us unique and that helps us not have to send every bit of motion.

So, a big part of making smart decisions on how to handle that type of information is sending a compressed version back to be monitored and if it’s something we are getting really excited about and it’s a juicy situation with criminal intent, then we might stream it at a much higher quality.

The end users need anywhere from 1.5 to 10 MB and we’re usually stocking anywhere from 12 to 24 terabytes in NVRs for our client’s side. What comes back here is a smaller version of that.

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