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Video Recording Alone Didn’t Stop Fake Repo Truck

Posted by Norm Charney on Apr 8, 2015

Some car dealerships have cameras but only use them for video recording to secure their lots. The only traces some crooks leave behind is a movie of their crime. Such was the case in Phoenix earlier this year when thieves drove a repossession-style tow truck into the dealership lot and took off four minutes later with a stolen vehicle.

Thieves simply drove off with the vulnerable car as though they were repossessing it. No one even noticed that the car was gone until the next day. The stolen vehicle was slated for sale to a newly approved owner. That owner received the disappointing news instead of his new car the following day.

In just minutes, the thieves caused heavy financial damage to the family-run business.

The only recourse that the dealership owners had was to offer a reward to the public for information. They hoped it would lead to the capture of the perpetrators of the crime.

About 18 months ago, this lot had the good fortune of having a thief captured after taking one of their cars. In this situation, all they can do is hope that that will be what happens again.

Live video monitoring can be a more effective way to protect a car dealership than video recording and offering a reward. Asking for information leading to the arrest of a thief might be considered useless.

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