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Video Surveillance to Prevent Crime in Kentucky

Posted by Amy Hite on Oct 1, 2015

Having video surveillance to prevent crime outside your business is always a good idea. Sometimes, that extra level of security is the only thing that leads to the apprehension of someone who commits a crime on your property. Also, video cameras deter people from committing crimes because they know they will be caught.

Crime Spree Cut Short by Video Surveillance Crime Prevention

Earlier this year two Kentucky teenagers were arrested for stealing multiple vehicles and guns and then running from the police. The two were caught on video surveillance outside of a local Wal-Mart in one of the stolen vehicles. Kentucky media had compared them to Bonnie and Clyde.

The vehicle they were driving was identified in a Kentucky parking lot and police came to make the arrest. The couple was arrested just 14 days after committing the first crime and running from police. Catching them on camera was one of the ways law enforcement officers were eventually able to locate and apprehend the two teenagers.

Using video surveillance to prevent crime to protect your business and offer you peace of mind is a wise decision. Kentucky police may not have been able to track the two suspects down so quickly if local businesses had not been running a video camera at the time. The teenagers were armed though no one was shot or injured during the 14 days they were on the run. Thankfully their crimes did not extend beyond stealing money and property. It could have much worse. Catching the two before they stole from anyone else was a great service to the community.

Video camera recordings however are only a start in using video surveillance to prevent crime. Having a video of the Kentucky suspects’ bodies, clothing, car they were driving, or theirs face is solid evidence of what happened and who was there when the vandalism or theft occurred. But such details simply aren’t available to more careful criminals who use masks and hoodies, stash cars out of camera view, and otherwise hide or obscure their faces and vehicles.

Furthermore camera recordings can’t stop a crime in progress. Had that happened, the Kentucky Boonie and Clyde duo could have been stopped at the beginning of their crime reign, not two weeks after they had already stolen cars and guns several times.

These businesses, including parking lots and shopping centers, are not clients of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth Monitoring proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime in Kentucky and other locations for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator could have seen unusual activity such as these teenagers stealing vehicles and guns, activated an audible warning to deter the thieves and called the local police.

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