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Video: Wireless Surveillance Leads to Ft. Worth Shopping Center Arrest

Posted by Rick Charney on May 8, 2016

At 11:28pm a Stealth Monitoring operator used wireless surveillance to deter a Fort Worth, Texas shopping center break-in. A car drove down the back alley after the business was closed for the night. The car turned around and stopped behind a pharmacy. An individual got out of the car. He pulled on doors and inspected the back of the building. The suspect appeared to examine multiple back doors. A Stealth operator sounded an audible alarm to deter the trespasser and called the police. The suspect walked back to his car and left the property.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Thief Returns With His Posse and is Arrested

A few minutes later, wireless surveillance showed the same car returning to the property. Three hooded trespassers exited the car with crowbars in hand. The suspicious night activity continued as the three suspects approached one of the doors that was examined earlier.

The wireless surveillance video showed the would-be thieves trying to pry the door open. The Fort Worth police arrived at the shopping center. The suspects attempted to flee the scene. One of the suspects was captured and subdued. The getaway car was towed off the property while the other two trespassers escaped to a residential Fort Worth neighborhood.

Fort Worth , Texas had a population of almost 779,000. This Texas city is part of the Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) Metroplex and had a crime rate 40% higher than the national average. Annually, Fort Worth experienced about 29,000 cases of reported property crime.

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