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Using Visible and Hidden Live Video Cameras To Deter and Reduce Crime

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 9, 2015

Even though criminals are often thought of as being rather dim, almost all of them have learned a few key points of their “profession.” One of these points is to make sure that there isn’t enough evidence to link them to their crimes. They also pick up several ways of minimizing the chance of creating such evidence, such as trying to avoid leaving fingerprints and not being caught in the act.

When video cameras are installed, criminals’ plans of hiding their involvement are thwarted. Even if they wear gloves and sneak into a location in the middle of the night, the visible and hidden live video cameras remain as silent sentries that never sleep. Some thieves try to avoid the camera’s gaze by wearing face coverings like hats, hoodies, face masks, and scarves, but faces aren’t the only visual evidence that can be used in court. The camera may pick up images of the getaway car, members of a gang who didn’t cover themselves well enough, clothing with identifying markings, and more. This makes it much more dangerous to commit a crime when a camera is watching than it otherwise would be.

For this reason, it’s often a good idea to install at least some cameras in plain view in and around areas likely to be targeted by thieves and other criminals. Many crooks will just move on when they see that they are being recorded. So simply having a camera there will help to improve safety.

It’s true that some criminals either aren’t deterred by visible live video cameras or don’t realize they’re there. This is one of the reasons TV stations often have scenes of surveillance footage to show along with robbery reports about places generally known to have CCTV or digital video cameras. Alas, these crooks find out the power of video the hard way when their attempts at concealing their identities don’t work as well as they’d hoped.

In a few cases, a thief might manage to disable visible live video cameras. For this reason, have at least one hidden camera. Also use live monitoring and PTZ cameras that enable the operator to move and focus the cameras. Cameras might not deter the theft, but they do make it easier to catch the criminal. With live video cameras and monitoring, the operator can sound a warning and dispatch the police.

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