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Warehouse Distribution Center Security Shows Repeat Theft

Posted by Sean Murphy on Apr 13, 2016

Jersey City distribution center security surveillance video revealed that thieves stole an estimated $20,000 worth of tires from their trucks. The crime took place in the industrial area of the New Jersey city. Video footage viewed after the crime showed that criminals broke into the warehouse property by cutting a hole in the fence.

The next morning distribution center workers found their truck tires replaced by cinder blocks. Staff reported the crime. The article did not report live security or live video monitoring. The distribution center is rented by a third party supply chain and logistics company.

Two months later distribution center security was revealed to be inadequate again in another crime incident. The shipping center owner arrived on the property early Monday morning to discover $9,000 worth of tires stolen. Several cinder blocks were left in their place. The owner reported that two of his trucks had their locks and ignition popped by an outside method.

Another difference between the repeat thefts is that this time around, the fence to the shipping center’s property had two cut holes. One of the holes looked like it was knocked over by a vehicle.

Although this trucking facility did have distribution center security with video surveillance cameras, they were not watched. The cameras did not help in catching the thieves the first time or during the repeat theft.

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