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Can Warehouse Fires Be a Security Threat at Your Industrial Property?

Posted by Sean Murphy on Mar 21, 2018

Warehouse fires can cause operational nightmares for industrial and flex space property managers. The fire can destroy inventory and equipment, as well as cause injuries and death. The ability to quickly notify fire departments can resolve an incident that has the potential to be catastrophic to a business, a result that was unfortunately exemplified in the following story:

South Carolina Warehouse Fire Causes $1.9 Million in Damages

First responders in Sumter, SC received a call around 4:00 a.m. about a warehouse fire. By the time they arrived, the entire warehouse was engulfed in flames. The fire spread quickly, and the flames did not start diminishing until nearly five hours later. Local fire fighters called in the Shaw Air Force Base Fire Department for assistance. The fire was so intense that it could be seen on satellite radar.

A firefighter said that putting out the flames was taking an exceedingly high amount of time because the fire was trapped under the roof debris after it had collapsed. The warehouse was in the same area as a residential neighborhood. Nobody was injured, and fortunately, the fire did not spread to other nearby buildings or structures.

How Can You Protect Your Warehouse?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NPA), fire departments responded to an average of 1,210 warehouse fires in one year. The fires caused an average of $155 million worth of property damage and killed at least three people. The majority of warehouse fires were either caused intentionally or by electrical distribution and lighting equipment.

Stealth Monitoring’s industrial security operators can help keep your property safe. Cameras can be placed in vulnerable areas so operators, trained to look for smoke and flames, can watch for anything suspicious. They can safely assess the situation remotely from one of three monitoring centers and call the fire department. They can even update first-responders with real-time information.

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