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Inadequate Warehouse Surveillance in Million Dollar Heists

Posted by Sean Murphy on Aug 14, 2017

No or inadequate warehouse surveillance was reported in thefts totalling over a million dollars in losses. Warehouse crime can be among the highest-value incidents due to the sheer volume of products in one location. Criminals target more than just inventory in the building or yard. They can steal cargo trucks and other vehicles on the property. According to the FBI, shipping and trucking companies lose more than $30 billion annually, making warehouse surveillance a critical part of business security.

$4.5 Million Heist at Los Angeles Warehouse

Warehouse thieves stole $4.5 million worth of high-end makeup from a San Fernando Valley property. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said that an unknown amount of suspects sawed through the roof to gain access to the warehouse. The thieves stole more than 100,000 eye shadow palettes. A Los Angeles police spokesperson said that there was no warehouse surveillance video of the criminal activity. The thieves have not been caught and there have not been any reported updates.

30,000 SKUS Stolen at Las Vegas Warehouse

Thieves robbed a Las Vegas, Nevada warehouse twice during a holiday weekend. Warehouse surveillance video showed two men enter the warehouse at 7:45 p.m. on a Friday night. The suspects entered through the back gate. Moments later, the thieves left the property with boxes of more than 30,000 SKUS.

Part two of the theft occurred the next morning at 10:30 a.m. A rental car rammed through the loading dock of the Nevada warehouse. Warehouse surveillance video showed a man grab three large boxes of inventory. The afflicted company asked for the assistance of the community to identify the thieves. They did not know if the smash and grab thieves were the same ones from the previous night.

The company’s U.S. president said the difficulty in getting additional Las Vegas warehouse surveillance during a holiday weekend factored into the heist.

Two Maryland Men Stole More Than $20,000 Worth of Alcohol

Two men have been charged for a warehouse theft of over $20,000 worth of alcohol from box trucks at the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC) warehouse. Montgomery County is a part of the Washington DC metro area. The police said that one of the suspects actually worked for the DLC. This isn’t the first warehouse theft at the Department of Liquor Control building. It was hit twice in April and four times in May. One of the Maryland suspects allegedly sold the stolen alcohol at least once.

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