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We’re Getting Ready for SHIFT 2022. Are You?

Stealth’s team of multifamily security experts are headed to the Raleigh Convention Center May 16-18 for SHIFT 2022, the Apartment Association of North Carolina’s education and legislative conference. They will be there to demonstrate how our live video monitoring security solution can help deter criminal activity, save on security expenses and increase NOI at apartment communities in North Carolina and throughout North America.

Crime Concerns in North Carolina

A recent survey by Safewise found that residents of North Carolina were most concerned about violent crime, property crime, gun violence and package theft. That last one hits home for those living in apartments as 40 percent of package theft occurs in apartment communities.

Keeping Residents Safe

Apartment managers and property owners often struggle with keeping their common areas, including mail rooms, parking lots, laundry facilities and offices secure. And now, with the rising popularity of self-guided tours for new leases, it is often hard to secure model units and other areas from non-resident actions.

Live video monitoring is an effective security strategy than can help deter crime and damage before it happens. Trained security operators watch your property in real time, when you’re not there, to help prevent theft, break-ins, damage and other unwanted activity.

If our monitoring operators spot anything suspicious, they can take immediate action by activating an on-site speaker warning and calling local authorities. This often results in quicker police response time and apprehensions while the suspects are still on the property.

We even provide video review of any incidents that occur on your property to help with investigations and liability issues. It’s all designed to help keep your property safe, your residents happy, your reputation intact and your property value high.

Schedule Your Meeting Today for SHIFT 2022

Come by our booth to meet our team of security specialists. You can schedule a time now to meet with them and learn more about our proactive live video monitoring solution and how you can save up to 60 percent on your security expenses.

If you can’t make it to the show and would like more information, contact us.

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