What are 4 Key Automotive Dealership Theft Trends and How Can You Deter Them?

Posted by Jeff Purtell on September 28, 2021

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Along with many industries, automotive dealerships have faced unprecedented challenges over the past year. For starters, there has been a heavy impact on new auto inventories with far less inventory available than historically. Between chip shortages, parts availability and manufacturing interruptions there has been a domino effect on the auto industry’s supply chain.

In addition to shortages and continued demand, another factor affecting the industry is an increase in value of many auto parts. As a result, the threat of theft has surged across the country at dealerships and neighborhoods alike.

What Key Theft Trends Are Impacting Dealerships?

Throughout 2020, many automotive factories were forced to shutdown or reduce their output. That means there have been fewer vehicles available for sale. With demand on the rise and inventory at low levels, dealerships are enjoying record profits with reduced costs and increasing margins. However, that also means there’s a greater potential for criminal activity.

Among the growing theft trends are:

  • Key swapping
  • Key fob mirroring
  • Steering wheel, batteries, wheels and tailgate
  • Catalytic converters

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How Can You Enhance Your Dealership Security?

While thefts are on the rise, there are many ways a dealership can fight back to help reduce the risk of theft. These include things like getting creative with key chains and key fobs, creating a key management system, incorporating technology to get real-time updates on your inventory, implementing an effective security solution, plus many more things you will discover in this guide.

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