What are the Benefits of a Customized Apartment Security System?

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on October 1, 2018

As an apartment manager or property owner, you know how important a customized apartment security system is in providing a safe living environment for your residents. There are, though, many added benefits to a service like this.

Deterring criminal activity is perhaps the biggest advantage, especially when that system incorporates remote video surveillance. This proactive solution uses trained security operators to watch cameras in real time. If they see anything suspicious, like loitering or trespassing, they can activate a speaker warning to deter the activity and call local police.

In the following video, our apartment security system operators saw a group of people lighting firecrackers at a Fort Worth apartment complex. Someone shot what appeared to be a roman candle into the shrubs, which immediately caught fire. Our operators called the fire department. Click the video below to see what happens.

In the next video, a man attempted to steal money from laundry machines at an Irving, Texas apartment complex. Our surveillance operators immediately called local police, who arrived and placed the suspect under arrest.

Besides crime prevention, our customized apartment security system can also help with operations. Security operators can notify management if they see any damaged or dangerous conditions on the property. Our operators saw that a controlled access door at a luxury apartment complex was not closing properly. They notified the on-site guard, as well as property management.

Stealth’s Remote Concierge is another added benefit of a customized apartment security system. This service provides residents with a world-class experience while potentially increasing net operating income. Remote Concierge uses one-way video and two-way audio to instantly interact with residents and delivery people assisting with requests, providing information, collaborating with emergency services, managing access gates and providing reports.

There are a variety of benefits to a customized apartment security solution, all of which help create a safe and comfortable living environment. If you would like additional information on how Stealth can help your multifamily property, contact us here.

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