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When Metal Theft Goes Wrong

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 30, 2013

Texas Police Officer
photo by Charles Roberts (ckroberts61)

Dallas Police have done an astounding job fighting metal theft and continue to improve their capabilities and intelligence, as portrayed by a recent news story in the Dallas Observer.

At 4:00 a.m., an officer with the Dallas Police Department witnessed two men loading large amounts of aluminum plates and overhang brackets from a construction site into their pickup truck. After the officer told the men that they were under arrest, the criminals took off with the stolen metal in tow, one on foot and one in the truck.

The suspect in the truck did not make it very far before stopping to let his accomplice jump in, at which point the officer sprayed pepper spray in through the window. But as the driver attempted to speed away, he failed to notice that his partner had run in front of the truck and hit him. The man, not badly injured, jumped to his feet and both suspects attempted to flee on foot before once again turning back to the truck.

But this time, the officer had managed to take the getaway vehicle’s keys, and the two suspects only made it a few blocks on foot before additional officers arrived to arrest them.

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