Shopping Center Security System Deters Dumpster Diver in Los Angeles

shopping center security system
shopping center security system

Thieves, vandals, and dumpster divers can be deterred by an effective shopping center security system. A would-be dumpster diver at a Los Angeles, California shopping center was stopped by one of Stealth Monitoring’s trained outdoor security operators.

Watch the Video:  Dumpster diver runs after speaker warning – Shopping Center Security

At 1:00 a.m., a yellow truck was seen driving through the parking lot of a California shopping center. The driver parked his vehicle behind the shopping center. He stepped out of the truck, approached an open dumpster, looked inside, and examined the contents. The dumpster appeared to be filled with wood palettes.

A Stealth Monitoring shopping center security system operator activated the on-site speaker warning. The trespasser moved away from the dumpster and returned to his vehicle. He put the truck in reverse and backed out of the shopping center.

Dumpster diving brings a variety of issues to shopping centers, shopping plazas, and other types of retail properties. For example, suspects can steal important documents and personal identification information. Dumpster diving incidents can also create a logistical mess, including litter scattered around the ground and blocked access points. Both incidents can decrease a property’s value.

Dumpster diving is legal in the United States, except where prohibited by local regulation. However, dumpster divers can be charged with criminal trespass or theft, if anything is taken from the property.

Property managers may also be concerned with the liability attached to dumpster divers. What happens if the suspect is injured on the shopping center property? Dumpster divers and other trespassers may be deterred by a shopping center security system. Trained operators can activate a speaker alarm and if necessary, call the local police.

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