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Construction Trespasser Revealed to Have Outstanding Warrants Caught with Remote Surveillance

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Feb 13, 2023

Any company involved in construction knows that jobsite security is a priority for a variety of reasons. Thefts of materials and equipment, liability concerns due to the dangerous nature of a construction site, trespassing, vandalism – all of these can present regular headaches. Risks aren’t always obvious either. Check out what happened when this trespasser was apprehended by authorities: 

At nearly 1:00 in the morning, a Stealth security operator caught sight of an individual wearing a blue hoodie sweatshirt and approaching an unfinished unit being built in an Ontario suburb. The operator contacted local authorities to inform them of the trespass occurring, advising them of the location and description of the individual.  

Minutes later, police had been dispatched to the scene, arriving and quickly locating the individual inside the unit. After making contact with the suspect, officers realized that the man had out-of-Province warrants for his arrest, and he was taken into custody.  

Help Proactively Protect Against Criminal Activity and Trespassers with Remote Video Monitoring 

Construction sites come in a variety of sizes, and are constantly in a state of flux, which makes keeping them secure from trespassers and other criminal activity difficult. Fences often aren’t enough to deter a criminal or vagrant who’s motivated, and security guards are both expensive to maintain and can only physically be in one place at a time.  

Remote video monitoring, however, is a proactive security solution that can be moved and adjusted throughout the process of a jobsite. Using a combination of both human intelligence and advanced technology, our video analytics and trained security operators work in tandem to help mitigate damages and liability, reduce risk of theft, and save on security expenses. All while providing a comprehensive view of the jobsite. 

Analytics-based camera respond to more than just movement- they flag actual activity. When Stealth’s trained pros see anything suspicious or out of place, they can quickly contact local law enforcement, just as in the video above. Thanks to live-feeds and up-to-the-minute information that can be provided to dispatchers, our calls typically receive higher priority and faster responses. 

If you’re interested in learning more about protecting your construction jobsites with proactive security measure that can help deter criminal activity before there’s damage done, contact us now for details.