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Cannabis Trespasser Goes for A Stroll

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 6, 2020

An individual in a baseball cap was seen wandering around a California cannabis facility. A Stealth security operator was watching and sounded the on-site speaker to let the intruder know he was being watched. He ignored the warning and continued to roam around the property.

Minutes later, three police cars arrived on the property. Officers located the suspect and placed him under arrest.

Cannabis Security

The cannabis industry is growing and changing every day. As more states legalize marijuana and more businesses are created, there is a greater need for security.

Stealth Monitoring’s proactive live video surveillance is a customizable solution that can help protect retail dispensaries, wholesale distributors and cannabis farms.

Using a combination of advanced technology and human intelligence, trained security operators watch surveillance cameras in real time to catch live activity. If they see something suspicious, they can act immediately. Our solution can save up to 60 percent on security costs while helping to protect your investments and keeping your compliant.

For more information about our live video monitoring solutions for cannabis facilities, contact us.