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Construction Site Trespasser Can’t Hide from Us

Posted by ThriveAdmin on Mar 10, 2020

A Stealth security operator saw an individual walk onto a Nanaimo, BC construction site after hours. The operator immediately activated the on-site speaker alerting the trespasser he was being watched. The individual made his way to the building’s underground parking garage, ignoring the warning. Our monitoring operator contacted police.

Officers arrived and searched for the perpetrator, who was trying to hide. However, he was unsuccessful, as officers found him and placed him in handcuffs.

Deter Unwanted Activity with Remote Video Monitoring

Trespassers are a common issue at construction sites. They can cause many headaches for contractors and owners. You can help deter unwanted guests with remote video monitoring. This proactive and cost-effective solution can help reduce theft, vandalism, damage and liability issues for up to 60 percent less than tradition guard services. You can even view your sites from anywhere at any time using your mobile device or computer.

For more information about our proactive security solutions for construction sites, contact us.