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Construction Site Trespasser Found in Unfinished Unit

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Dec 4, 2020

Using thermal cameras, a Stealth security operator was able to spot an intruder on a construction site after it had shut down for the night. The individual could be seen pacing back and forth, then entering and exiting the building multiple times. Our operator contacted the local authorities. Officers arrived within minutes. They intercepted the suspect inside the unfinished unit and placed him under arrest.

Thermal cameras can be part of an effective security solution. Where most cameras and human eyes see nothing, thermal cameras see by translating thermal energy (heat) into visible light to view a scene.

The cameras can detect transmitted energy at different levels and display them as images. They can typically see things from further away than traditional cameras, which makes them an ideal solution for a construction site. The sooner the cameras can detect a trespasser, the sooner a trained security operator can react to help prevent or minimize damage.

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