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Construction Trespasser Limbos His Way In

Posted by Blake Mitchell on May 17, 2021

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone entering a Seattle construction site by squeezing under the perimeter fence. He wandered around the site before donning a reflective PPE vest which found lying around. The trespasser continued to make his away around the site. He picked up a bag and could be seen forcing it under the fence.

While this was taking place, our operator called to dispatch local police and gave them all pertinent information about the suspect. Responding officers arrived while he was still on the scene and placed him under arrest.

Time and again, we see determined people finding a way around, over, under or sometimes through a perimeter fence to get inside a construction site. There’s no question a fence is necessary to keep people safe, both inside and outside of the project. However, it’s not always the best security solution on its own.

When you add remote video monitoring, you greatly enhance your protection. Trained security operators, safely located in a remote monitoring center, use analytics-based cameras to watch your site for suspicious activity. If they see something, like a trespasser entering after hours, they can quickly respond. Sometimes that means activating an audio warning at the trespassers which is often enough to scare them away. When it’s not, they can call local authorities and work with them to help locate the suspects.

The cost of materials is on the rise. So, any loss you take from theft can be extremely damaging to your budget and timeline.

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