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Construction Trespassing Trio Tries to Hide from Police

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Dec 3, 2020

Around 1:45 a.m., a Stealth security operator saw a group of trespassers on a construction site. After the suspects ignored the on-site speaker warning, our operator contacted police. When officers arrived, the intruders ran around the site trying to evade capture. However, they were soon located and arrested.

Construction sites can be very intriguing to some people, but they are a big safety risk. Contractors and construction companies don’t need the hassle, headache and expense trespassers can cause.

A proactive security solution like remote video monitoring can help keep unauthorized visitors from causing damage to themselves and your site. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras for suspicious activity. If they spot something, they can act immediately to mitigate liability and damage. The entire solution can save up to 60 percent on security expenses.

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