Intoxicated Man in Office Parking Garage

At 7:40 p.m. one Saturday evening, a vehicle carrying two men pulled into the parking garage of an Austin, Texas office building. The men parked the car and went inside the building. Later that night, the trunk of the car popped open and one of the men was seen walking unsteadily towards the vehicle. He closed the trunk, fumbled with the door, then got into the driver’s seat. The man started to back the car out of the parking spot but pulled back in, where he remained for several hours.

The Stealth Monitoring security operator who was watching the property began investigating why a lone vehicle was parked in an office garage in the early hours of a Sunday morning. After examining video footage, our operator saw the events transpire with the intoxicated suspect and contacted police.

Officers arrived, awakened the driver who had fallen asleep, and took him into custody.

Stealth’s monitoring operators are trained to look for suspicious activity. A vehicle sitting alone in an empty parking garage overnight on a weekend certainly qualifies.

From protection to productivity, there are multiple uses for a digital video security system, including, increasing safety, minimizing risk and liability, insurance and operational savings, as well as

overall cost savings.

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