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Parking Garage Trespasser Deterred

Posted by ThriveAdmin on Feb 26, 2021

In this video, an individual was seen pulling on multiple vehicle doors in an apartment parking garage. One of our trained Stealth Monitoring security operators was watching and contacted the on-site guard, as well as police. The guard searched the garage, even walking past the suspect at one point. Aware of the security guard’s presence, the suspect fled the property before any damage occurred.

Our operator, who was still watching the live activity, updated the guard about the trespasser exiting the garage.

Each year, Stealth Monitoring deters more than 25,000 crimes. Because we are watching live activity, our operators can activate on-site speaker warnings, alert security guards and call to dispatch local authorities. Our actions often scare trespassers away, since they are unaware they are being watched. If we contact police, we can update them with live reports on the criminals, including a description of the suspects and their whereabouts.

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