Parking Lot Van Break-In

A Stealth Monitoring security officer saw two individuals attempting to break into some work vans sitting in the parking lot of an Indianapolis apartment community. They managed to gain access to one of the vehicles. Our operator called police immediately. Officers arrived but the pair had already left the property.

Police contacted us to request video footage from the incident and later informed us an arrest was made off-camera.

Multifamily residential property owners and managers seek to provide a safe environment for their residents. At the same time, they want to reduce their risk of liability issues and reduce expenses. Your residents’ sense of security can minimize vacancy rates while maximizing NOI.

Stealth’s proactive security solutions can help provide the highest level of security for up to 60 percent less than the cost of traditional security guards. Using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence, we watch for incidents in real time, to catch activity as it happens.

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