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Trespasser Squeezes Through Construction Site Perimeter Fence

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Oct 21, 2020

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone squeezing through the locked gate of a construction site fence shortly after midnight. Our operator activated the on-site speaker to warn the trespasser he was being watched. The suspect ignored the warning, so the monitoring operator contacted police. Minutes later, officers arrived to patrol the site in search of the suspect. They located him and took him into custody.

While perimeter fences are a good, inexpensive first line of defense, they aren’t enough to keep out determined intruders. A proactive security solution like remote video monitoring can help deter unwanted activity such as trespassing, theft and vandalism. It can be especially helpful in mitigating risk, safety and liability issues that are so common on construction sites.

Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch for suspicious activity. If they see something they can act immediately, just as you saw in the video.

We also have a team of video analysts who can research any incidents that my occur on your site. For example, if an accident occurs, an investigation could potentially shut down your project until it is deemed safe again. Site closures can be extremely costly. Having recorded video evidence can help streamline the investigation process to minimize cost.

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