Two Bike Thefts Yield One Arrest

Right around 4:30 in the morning, our cameras picked up an individual outside the door of a Seattle apartment bike storage room. One of our trained security operators watched as the suspect rolled out one bicycle and leaned it against the wall. He retreated into the storage room and exited with another bike, which he wheeled down the hall to the exit. He then went back and retrieved the first bike and left the building.

While this activity was taking place, our operator had called to dispatch police. Officers arrived within minutes and intercepted the suspect. He was taken into custody and the bikes were returned to their rightful place in the storage room.

Bike theft is a serious issue in big cities across North America. Many people use them as their main mode of transportation. So, when that’s taken away, big problems ensue.

Providing a safe and secure community for your residents is a top priority. Taking proactive steps can go a long way in accomplishing that. Live video monitoring combines video analytics and human intelligence to watch for crimes in progress. A trained security operator monitoring the property can quickly assess the situation and call to dispatch police in real time to help mitigate damage and loss.

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