2020 Women in Construction Week Recap

Posted by Kirk Biddle on March 12, 2020

To help enhance the success of women in the construction industry, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) designated the week of March 1, 2020 as Women in Construction Week.

About Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week began in 1953 as Women in Construction of Fort Worth. The mission began as a way to help bring women in the industry together. It was so successful that it garnered a national charter in 1955. Today, NAWIC has over 120 chapters across the United States with more than 4,000 members. Additionally, there are several international affiliates including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Africa.

The special week gives thousands of NAWIC members the chance to raise awareness of the numerous opportunities available to women in construction. To celebrate, each chapter holds events throughout the week.

Data about Women in Construction

The construction industry is typically thought of as a male-dominated industry. While this is true, women do comprise 10.3 percent of the workforce. That is a relatively small number considering women make up 47 percent of all employed people.

So, why the huge gender gap? It could be a lack of proper training. Perhaps it’s a gender bias. Women also have a higher risk of injury because of ill-fitting equipment. Nonetheless, women are starting to forge ahead in the industry.

Consider these statistics:

  • 14 percent of staff executives are women
  • 7 percent of lines executives are women
  • 86.7 percent of office positions are filled by females
  • 2.5 percent of tradespeople are women
  • By 2022, it is estimated that nearly half of the construction industry will be women

There is no doubt women are making great strides in the construction industry. Groups like NAWIC are helping by offering network opportunities, marketing assistance and mentorships. Additionally, some construction companies are offering courses, apprenticeship programs and training for females who are interested in a career in the industry.

In addition to the NAWIC, there are many resources available now targeting women. Here are just a few:

Stealth Monitoring Supports Women in Construction

Stealth Monitoring is North America’s leading provider of remote video monitoring solutions. We have been extremely successful at reducing and deterring crime at hundreds of construction sites in the United States and Canada by proactively monitoring live surveillance cameras. Our solution provides better security, helps to manage risk and mitigate liability while saving up to 60 percent on security costs.

Two of our construction account reps, Natalie Pettus and Allison Connors, took part in several events throughout the week including a walk on a jobsite for Denver Health OMC hosted by Turner Construction and a luncheon featuring a presentation on clean energy.

We celebrate the NAWIC’s pivotal role in supporting the growing role of women in the construction industry.

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