3 Things You Need in An Effective Access Control System

Posted by Melissa Parsons on July 5, 2019

A family orders a keyless entry keypad that's compatible with their garage door opener. In a couple of steps, they program it and then affix it to the wooden fence outside of the garage door. Enter the code and the garage door opens automatically.

Whenever residents come home without a key, they can walk around to the back and open the garage door through the keypad. This is the most basic example of the power of an access control system.

Business access control systems can do much more. The biggest advantage is not needing to keep track of keys. No more changing the locks when someone loses a key or an employee leaves the company.

Here are the three biggest benefits of using an effective access control system in your business.

1. Manages Everything You Need

The right business access control system can do much more than let people in and out of a building. Many businesses have rooms and areas that only a select few can enter. They may contain sensitive material or customer data like in a server room.

An effective access control system can dictate who can and cannot go into these limited-access areas. Some can even control a person's access based on times or days of the week. If no one accesses the off-limits room during working hours, the system can send an alert when someone enters the room during those times.

Businesses have all kinds of options for managing their comprehensive access control system. Before selecting one, document your access requirements. Outline who has access to where and when. Use this to find the right technology for your needs.

2. Makes it Easy to Use

It defeats the purpose if no one uses a security system or they open the door for others to enter the building or area. The key to success is simplicity. If it's complicated or tedious, people won't use it and it'll weaken your security.

How do you want people to access the building or area? Enter a code? Biometrics with eye or fingerprint? Swipe ID card? What is the process for when someone loses a card or forgets the code? Document the process for issuing, revoking, and changing access.

3. Works with Other Systems

Do you have live video monitoring or plan to add it? You can get a security solution that's compatible with your access control system. Some systems can match the time stamp of the entry on the access control system with the video.

You may want a system compatible with the building's alarm, HVAC, or other company critical systems. When researching access control, ask about system compatibility.

Implementing a complete and effortless access control that seamlessly works with other systems boosts your security and delivers a fast ROI. With an access control system from Stealth Monitoring, you get a cost-effective way to control who enters and exits your property and restricted areas. Our trained security operators can perform the same functions as more costly security guards.

To learn about access control systems and security solutions that meet your needs, please contact us.

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