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What You Need to Know About Access Control Systems

Posted by David Charney on Jan 30, 2019

In Inc., Gene Marks tells the story of how a disgruntled employee prevented his employer from accessing an email system and data for their entire database. He also supposedly erased the hard drive on his laptop.

This is one of many stories of employees taking advantage of access. It doesn’t have to happen. Every company must have an access process to improve business security. Imagine if a building had an access panel where employees enter a passcode to get inside. If it only has one passcode that everyone uses, what happens when an employee leaves? The company would have to change the password and inform all the employees. What happens if an employee doesn’t get the information? The person could be on vacation or can’t access the updated password.

While business security is an important factor for businesses, many don’t know about the value of an access control system and remote video surveillance. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of a Business Access Control System

A business access control system enhances business security by allowing you to control who comes and goes in your apartment property, office building, or industrial site. You may be thinking you could simply post a keypad at all entry points, but that brings up another problem. Consider this: An employee is about to enter the building when someone approaches from behind and follows him in. This is common because employees don’t know everyone who works in the company, and they assume that person belongs in the building. An employee could also simply forget to lock the door behind him.

Here are six benefits of an access control system:

  • Stops unauthorized people from entering the building.
  • Deters theft especially with visible cameras.
  • Prevents employees from being locked out.
  • Adds control for different parts of the building.
  • Avoids potential employee mistakes.
  • Costs less than onsite security guards.

A remote gate control system goes a step further than the simple keypad. A camera by the entryway allows a remote team to watch the comings and goings through
live video monitoring. Trained security operators can perform the same function as security guards for a fraction of the cost.

What Things to Consider When Reviewing Access Control Systems

Before implementing a business access control system, companies must come up with rules and processes for managing it. They need to document how they will let
non-employees in. What about the cleaning crew or contractors? Prospective clients? Visitors?

Here are the questions to ask:

  • Who needs access?
  • Which locations need monitoring?
  • Do you need remote video surveillance?
  • Does the system need to scale?
  • What levels of credentials do you need?
  • What reporting features does the system have?
  • What’s the process for revoking access?
  • What’s the backup plan if the access control fails?

Access control systems with live video monitoring offer more flexibility. You can customize the access points. For example, all employees need to get in the
building, but only certain employees should access the data room, where critical information is stored.

If you would like more information about remote video surveillance business access control and other solutions that increase business security, please contact us.