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A Perimeter Fence Alone Is Not Enough to Protect Valuable Materials on Your Site

Posted by Ryan Palmer on Oct 28, 2021

Construction sites store heavy equipment and machinery, as well as other valuable supplies and materials needed to complete various projects. Perimeter fencing cordons off areas undergoing construction which helps to alert and deter unauthorized people from entering. However, fencing is just a single element of a construction site’s full security plan. Without remote video monitoring, should access be breached as in this video, there would be no recourse to deter criminal or other unwanted behaviors.

An experienced Stealth Monitoring security operator observed an individual approach an active construction site. Our highly trained security operator used a variety of on-site cameras and various views of the perimeter and site to keep watch on the person.

The individual walked along the sidewalk bordering the site, then gained unauthorized access. Our operator contacted police, kept watch on the transpiring situation and stayed on the phone with the authorities. The suspect then roamed around and between several piles of materials within the site. The suspect ventured over to an on-site building and laid on the ground next to it. Our operator informed police of the suspect’s location as officers arrived on site.

Two officers immediately located the suspect lying on the ground and approached the individual. Four more officers arrived to help. The suspect was placed into handcuffs, arrested, escorted off the site and placed into a police cruiser.

Remote Video Monitoring Ups Perimeter Fencing’s Abilities

Fences around construction sites are in place to provide a physical and visual deterrent as a first line of security defense. The fence acts as a barrier that creates a boundary to help prevent intrusion, which can lead to vandalism and theft. Perimeter fencing is only part of a whole construction site security strategy, though. The addition of Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution is needed to help complete the strategy and make perimeter fencing effective.

In the above video, our operator immediately saw the individual approaching the construction site’s perimeter via on-site HD surveillance cameras and contacted police. Our operator continued to use technology to watch the individual and was able to give the arriving officers the exact location of the suspect, which led to removal and arrest. Had this construction site not been equipped with our monitoring solution, the trespasser would likely not have been seen, nor likely that police would have been notified to de-escalate the situation.

Stealth Monitoring’s analytics-based, remote video monitoring combines technology with human intelligence to help detect crimes and other unwanted situations in progress at your construction site’s perimeter and on the property itself. Our customized security solution works in real time to determine events in progress using a proprietary combination of video analytics. The system then alerts our professional security operators who take over the unfolding situation and act to deflect and deter crime.

Contact us to determine how Stealth’s remote monitoring solution can enhance the effectiveness of your construction site’s perimeter fence to help deter trespassing and unauthorized individuals from gaining access.