Protect Your Multifamily Property from Apartment Damage

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on September 7, 2017

Multifamily apartment damage can increase operational costs and decrease apartment marketability. Tenant lawsuits can compound your business risk. Multi-residential property managers want to protect their assets and investments. They should assess their property and find vulnerabilities. Proactive measures can lead to a higher property value and help protect their multifamily apartment against liability and lawsuits.

Help Prevent Injuries and Losses from Apartment Damage

Multifamily apartment owners and managers should follow the basic legal requirements for maintaining and repairing their residential community. The legal requirements are known as the implied warranty of habitability. The law requires that apartments provide fit and habitable conditions when new tenants move in. The condition must be maintained during their tenancy.

Managers should take proactive steps to reduce injuries. Tenant repair requests should be taken seriously and resolved promptly. If hazardous situations and apartment damage can’t be fixed immediately, tenants and visitors should be warned as soon as possible. For example, large potholes might take time to repair. Placing traffic cones around them serves as a warning to avoid those areas.

Decrease Criminal Activity

Effective property security can significantly reduce apartment damage. Deterring and decreasing criminal activity can lessen both the number of incidents and their severity to reduce loss and damage. Courts have often ruled against apartment properties, finding them responsible for crimes when proper apartment security was not provided.

Residential managers should make sure that communities follow apartment security measures from state and local laws. Potential residents and employees should carefully be screened. The most common multifamily apartment damage is caused by vandalism. Residents and trespassers could also harm outdoor assets like pools, gyms, business centers, laundry facilities and other community areas. Drug deals and shootouts will not only cause apartment damage, they can also ruin a property’s reputation. Even worse, they could result in injury or death. A live video monitoring service is a proven security measure that can help decrease apartment damage and criminal activity.

Stealth Monitoring and UCIT Online are the leader in live video surveillance in the U.S. and Canada with over 400 employees, 9 offices, and 3 live video monitoring control centers. Stealth remote video monitoring watches over 15,000 security cameras and can detect and deter crime at apartments communities and other types of commercial businesses. Our virtual security guard service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance operator can see unusual activity like vandalism, trespassing and apartment damage, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please call toll-free (866) 382-3873 or contact Stealth today for more information on property security. Visit Stealth’s web site to see actual videos of criminals being arrested at a range of commercial real estate properties.

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