Are You Making These Office Building Security Mistakes?

Posted by David Charney on April 17, 2019

You're only as strong as your weakest link. This is especially true in building security, an industry that is people-driven. We all know people make mistakes, but not all errors that affect your security management program have a human factor.

Here are the five common office building security mistakes to fix ASAP.

1. Lacks Security at All Entry Points

Many building security systems tend to watch the entry and sometimes the exit, but they often forget about other entry points such as emergency exits. Some office buildings allow people to walk straight into the building from the parking lot. That space needs a camera too.

2. Emphasizes Looks Over Building Security

Greenery enhances the property, but not if it gives prospective burglars a place to hide. Then the property manager or owner tries to hide the building security cameras. In this case, you want them as visible as possible. The very sight of cameras often deters crime. Installing video surveillance cameras requires making strategic decisions about where they go based on potential trouble spots. The key is to avoid concealing the cameras.

3. Fails to Apply ID Requirements

What's the point of issuing IDs if no one checks them? Guests should wear easily identifiable visitor's badges when checking in and return them when leaving the building. All employees should always keep their badges clearly visible. It's also critical to train employees to not let someone else in, even if it's management. You never know if that person is still employed with the company.

4. Overlooks Securing Important Rooms

Some rooms require extra security because they house private or sensitive information like server rooms, for example. They contain large amounts of personal or highly sensitive information that could put the company at risk if hacked.

A good building security solution for these rooms is an access control system. It makes it easy to add new people and remove them when they leave or change roles. Compare this to changing a lock and distributing new keys every time someone departs the company.

5. Uses Too Much Security

Yes, it's possible to have too much security, to the point that it does not get a good return on investment. This is why Stealth is a national leader in video surveillance. Our customers get customized and optimized solutions that fit their needs. Even if you've already installed security, it's a good idea to work with security professionals who can evaluate your setup. They'll be able to identify cost-savings while maximizing building security.

A smart building security program requires people, technology, and processes to succeed. People need training on security guidelines. A good time to do this is when onboarding new employees, then holding a refresher once a year.

Avoiding these mistakes will greatly increase your security management program. If you need help or a building security assessment, contact us here.

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