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Arizona Construction Site Trespasser Located Hiding in Porta-Potty

Posted by Edmund C. Wingert on Jul 27, 2023

Construction site trespassing and theft are persistent problems that plague the industry, and while there are a number of standard security practices that most construction businesses utilize to protect their jobsites, savvy (or desperate) criminals are often undeterred.  

Lighting. Perimeter fences. Clear signage. Even courtesy patrols are often bypassed or avoided, with criminals breaking in to gain access to valuable materials, tools, and equipment. Some criminals even get especially creative with their spoils- in one case, a group used stolen construction equipment to steal multiple ATMs in Mesa, Arizona.  

Sometime around 8:25 p.m., an alert Stealth security operator observing an Arizona construction site spotted an individual trespassing on the property. The individual gained access to the property by hopping a fence, and after doing so entered one of the portable toilets onsite. Local police dispatch was contacted due to the nature of the activity being observed, and responding officers arrived on site quickly. The suspect was located inside the porta-potty and was taken into police custody.  

Trespassing on Construction Sites Can Lead to Expensive Thefts, Vandalism, and Liability Issues- Proactive Security Can Help 

Whether it’s a vagrancy issue, thieves looking for valuable spoils, or just curious explorers, trespassing on a construction site can lead to a variety of potential disasters. With rising materials costs and supply chain issues, replacing stolen goods is not only expensive- but the ripple effects can also lead to thousands of dollars in lost time, labor, and more. Liability risks are a huge concern as well.  

A proactive security solution, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, can help deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity on your jobsite in real time, before significant losses or damages occur. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to monitor your jobsite, watching for suspicious or unusual activity as it happens. When our highly trained security professionals are alerted to activity on your site, they can take immediate action when needed, sounding onsite audible warnings to scare off trespassers, or contact local law enforcement when police intervention is advisable.  

Thanks to our ability to provide police dispatch with real time data and descriptions, our call priority is typically elevated, leading to faster police responses and timely interventions.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution is completely customizable and can be adjusted throughout the duration of a project, evolving alongside as your jobsite progresses. Ready to learn more about our unique, cutting-edge remote video monitoring and how it can help you save up to 60% on security costs while improving outcomes? Contact us today and speak with a construction security specialist. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187