Attempted Theft Averted in Apartment Community’s Common Areas

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on August 6, 2021

Common areas in apartment communities can help residents truly feel “at home” as these areas are often considered amenities for residents. What needs to be considered, though, is common areas are typically easy to access on any day at any time. This makes these areas popular for suspicious and sometimes criminal behaviors to take place.

A couple of individuals were observed by a keen-eyed Stealth monitoring operator around 2:30 in the morning inside an apartment community’s mailroom. They walked around and attempted to access multiple mailboxes. Upon exiting the mailroom, one individual grabbed some items off a mailroom countertop. Our trained operator contacted police as well as the community’s guard.

While our operator spoke on the phone with police, he watched as the two individuals looked briefly in the community’s lobby area before heading to the community’s parking garage. Two officers were then seen entering the parking garage.

The trespassers walked between parked vehicles and attempted to access several. Officers continued to search the premises for the trespassers.

The operator reported that both trespassers were located and arrested.

Live Video Monitoring Helps Protect Amenities

Parking garages can give residents and their visitors covered and sometimes even reserved parking for their vehicles. Enclosed mailrooms also provide a place for residents to collect their mail without being exposed to the elements. Placing surveillance cameras in these areas of apartment communities is a notable first step but without professional monitoring operators regularly watching surveillance feeds, cameras can provide a false sense of security.

Stealth’s team of security specialists can work with you and your unique community to design a camera system and place them in the most advantageous places as well as angle them in the correct directions. This enables our trained monitoring professionals to watch your property and take appropriate action when needed. Actions include activating a remote warning to intruders via speakers; contacting on-site or on-call courtesy officers; and calling local police.

It’s the combination of video and human intelligence working together that provides the highest level of security while minimizing liability. A high sense of security and safety among residents helps maximize rental rates and diminish vacancies. Stealth can help provide all these benefits at 25% to 60% less than the cost of traditional courtesy officers.

Contact Stealth’s team of professionals today to create an exclusive live monitoring solution for your multifamily community.

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