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Auto Dealership Trespassers Back Themselves into a Corner

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Sep 10, 2021

Auto dealerships are highly susceptible to inventory theft and property damage from trespassers, loiterers and thieves. As a retail destination, auto dealers want to be inviting to legitimate potential buyers – publicly displaying high-value inventory outside that can entice people to come, peruse, test drive and buy. However, this also provides minimal barriers to criminals looking to steal from the site.

The following video shows how trespassing and inventory vandalism can be deterred on auto dealership lots with live video monitoring.

A highly skilled Stealth Monitoring operator observed four different alarm events detected using advanced analytics to track a white vehicle that had entered an auto dealership lot during nighttime hours. The vehicle was driven toward a low-lit area but remained in an active alarming zone as indicated by the single camera view that allows for a closer look. The vehicle in question was backed into a space between several other parked vehicles and the operator contacted police and continued to take proactive action per the site protocols.

Once parked and the headlights turned off, the driver and two other individuals emerged from the vehicle. They walked around a vehicle parked to the left of theirs. One of the three climbed onto the hood and then onto the roof of the vehicle, followed by one of the other individuals.

A police cruiser, dispatched by the operator, promptly arrived and all three trespassers jumped into the white vehicle and quickly jetted out of the area with the police cruiser in close pursuit. Our remote surveillance professional stayed in the event and monitored the chase as the event was recorded by our high-definition video surveillance cameras. Police chased the white vehicle off the dealership’s property and down the street.

Live Video Monitoring Trespassing and Vandalism Challenges

Welcoming and providing the ultimate vehicle shopping experience for customers and potential customers are two main goals of all auto dealerships. Included in this is the security and safety of all people on your lot as well as keeping inventory in pristine condition.

When trespassers come onto your lot after hours and vandalize your inventory, they cause costly damage but also impacts the productivity of the dealership the next day. This can cut into your bottom line since the damaged vehicles must be pulled from the inventory, repaired and paperwork filed to claim or report the incident. Trespassing can also lead to more egregious acts like theft and break-ins.

Stealth’s live video monitoring works directly to combat the challenges of trespassing, vandalism, theft and loitering to help deter and stop unwanted situations. Should an individual enter your auto dealership with any of these intentions, our operators can spot thee suspicious behaviors and act according to customized site level protocols – making sure browsers are secure and unwanted visitors are deterred. They can contact local police and activate an on-site audio alert to warn trespassers that they are being watched.

Our professional operators can additionally contact managers, on-duty security guards or other on-call employees to notify them of situations that do not require police involvement.

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