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Cameras Catch Texas Man Attempting Theft from Boat Dealership

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Aug 14, 2023

Automotive dealerships aren’t the only businesses faced with striking a precarious balance between keeping high-value inventory accessible to browsers and potential buyers while also keeping it safe from thieves, trespassers, and vandals.  

Personal watercrafts (PWC) present an extremely tempting target for thieves. Boats equipped with extremely valuable technology, outboard motors, speaker systems, and more can make targeting a boat or other PWC dealership a quick score in the minds of criminals. In one Florida case, a suspect was able to escape with nearly $100,000 in boat equipment overnight 

Just before 10:30 p.m., Stealth security professionals observing a personal watercraft dealership caught sight of an individual walking the property, despite high perimeter fencing. They immediately activated audible warnings in an attempt to encourage the trespasser off the property, but he was undeterred.  

Moments later the trespasser could be seen climbing trailers, gaining further access to the property, and then moving between boats, appearing to tamper with something in the area of the outboard motors. The monitoring operators contacted local law enforcement due to the nature of the activity observed. Responding officers arrived quickly and made contact with the trespasser, appearing to take them into police custody.  

Help Protect Your High-Value Inventory from Thieves and Trespassers with Proactive Security 

Any business with high-value inventory kept outside for public display is susceptible to theft, property damage, and other risks. From navigational and sound systems to outboard motors and other parts, personal watercraft present an especially appealing target.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution goes above and beyond the standard security measures of perimeter fencing, gates, and courtesy patrols. With cutting-edge analytics-based cameras and highly trained security professionals monitoring surveillance in real time, Stealth’s customized dealership solution targets key areas throughout the property to protect on-site assets as well as acting as a valuable management tool. 

We watch for activity, not just motion, and when our trained security staff spots someone or something suspicious or out of place, they can take action by sounding onsite audible alarms, coordinating with existing security guards, or contacting local police dispatch with live descriptions and details of activity in progress, as it happens. 

Learn more today about how our proactive, customizable solution can help improve security outcomes while saving up to 60% on security costs when you contact our team of automotive and recreational vehicle dealership specialists. 

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